Explaination about pay legal consultation and retainment

Fujimoto, Ichiro is a actual attorney, admitted in Japan and in New York State, who belongs to Yodoyabashi & Yamagami Legal Professional Corporation.(hereinafter "Yodoyabashi & Yamagami") My client generally pay the legal consultation fee to me, which is not so cheap.

Although there are a lot of restrictions, if you are interested in "free" legal consultation, please see this website.

In this page, I would like to explain my legal fee and legal consultation contract (retainment).

Two styles

As of October 1, 2007, I am the associate attorney of Yodoyabashi & Yamagami. Therefore, my client generaly makes contract with and retains my law firm, and I work as the associtate of the law firm.

But, if you are really interested in retaining me, you can make contract with and retain me directly, not the law firm.

Hereinafter, I would like to explain the case where you make contract with and retain me.

I might refuse your proposal...

Under the Professional Responsibility rules of Osaka Bar Association, American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conducts, and/or my personal belief, I cannot accept your offer in the following cases. Even if you have already retained me, I will resign where there is one of the following cases.

  • the case that you (or the entity you belong) want to take advantage of the knowledge from an attorney and commit a crime.
  • the case that you (or the entity you belong) admit the violence in order to solve some problems.
Also, in the following cases, I cannot accept your offer regardless of the content of your legal problems.

  • the situation where I am very busy and I cannot work for you (I would like to give priority to the cases that I have already assumed).
  • the situation where you do not have the intent to pay the legal consultation fee.

Legal Consultation Fee
Generally I adopt the "time charge system" to calculate the legal consultation fee.
  1. Time Charge?

    Time Charge system is one of the ways to calculate the legal fee. We decide the fee per one hour. And I multiply the hours by the time charge fee.

    For example, my ordinary time charge is three hundred USD ($300) per hour. If I spent thirty (30) hours to solve the legal problem for you. The legal fee is: $300*30=$9000.

    What kind of time can we regard the "time"?
    This "time" includes all the time I work for the client. Not only the meeting time, but also reviewing, researching, moving, and so on.

    In addition, clinet has to pay the actual cost, like travel cost, postal cost, stamp tax, court fee, and so on.

I can estimate your legal fee if you offer to retain me. Of course this is "estimation" so you do not have to worry about legal time charge fee at this time. Just "estimation" is free.

I might be busy so if you are hurry please call my office (+81-6-6202-9455). The English level of my secretary is not so high so please speak slowly if you use English.

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