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The TOP 50 law firms in Japan, 2007[10.1.2007]
This list of JP law firms is very helpful for you to understand Japanese legal market. Partly because there is no official ranking to evaluate JP law firms. Also you can guess that a law firm that has a lot of lawyers can earn more money than law firms that have less lawyers.

Each year, I renew the list. (Sorry, 2004, 2005, 2006 versions are only in Japanese.) You will see the next version in April 2008.

About legal consultation[10.1.2007]
I, FUJIMOTO Ichiro, as a Japanese lawyer, can provide two kind of legal consultation services.

One is "FREE" consultation. The other is "PAY" consultation.

"Free" means that you do not have to pay money even if you answer your question.
But in order to use this service, you have to understand the following restrictions.

First of all, I cannot promise that I certainly answer your question. This is partly because I am busy, partly because some questions might request me to use a lot of time (so that I cannot answer without payment).
In addition, I am currently [10.1.2007] in Shanghai, China, so that I have little opportunity to research legal matters except Chinese matters. For example, I cannot refer to Japanese legal books other than some basic books that I have at home. So, please forgive me even if I cannot reply your question.

As to "PAY" consultation, I promise to reply your question. But still there are some restrictions.

First, your question might arrive at me, because of some network problems. Second, I might not be able to answer your question because your question is too difficult for me to answer.

Generally my legal fee is Three hundred dollors ($300) per one (1) hour. But of course, you do not have to pay any legal fee before I undertake your question and/or task. In other words, you do not retain me before I agree.

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