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Welcome to the law firm in Fujimoto U!!

This law firm is "virtual."

Of course, FUJIMOTO Ichiro is an attorney, working in a law firm, YODOYABASHI & YAMAGAMI LPC, Japan. Generally, you have to pay legal fee if you ask something to me. I understand the fee is not so cheap.

As an attorney, I have some desires. (1) I would like to absorb a lot of knowledge and exploit the latest frontiers of legal leading edge. (2) I would like to enlarge my law firm and make the firm meet all the demands from our (current and prospective) clinets. Also (3) I have another desire: I would like to be a power for a person who are very poor and in trouble.

So, I accept free legal consultation, though there are a lot of restrictions.

Please understand, I am working for my law firm. So first of all I have to do my business. I cannot spare a lot of time for this free legal consultation.

So, you have to understand the following restrictions if you would like to use this service.

If you really would like to retain me, please see the pay consultation page.

Rules for free consultation

(1) You can use this service only for one question. Additional quesiton might not be free.

(2) I might not be able to read your qestion because of some technical problems. In such a case, it's impossible for me to answer your question.

(3) I am currently [10.1.2007] out of Japan, so I cannot promise to answer your quesiton.

(4) Regarding your question, later I might use the content (e.g. in the website or books), of course by anonymous style.

(5) The answer I send to you is written on the basis of the information that you send me. Also this answer is free. So, this answer does not go beyond the "advice from a friend of you". Even if you rely on my answer and you suffer from some bad results, I cannot be responsible for the results.

(6) If you request additional legal services ( like drafting legal documents, requesting me to be your representative, etc), you have to retain me and it is not free. In other words, even if you receive my answer using this service, there is no contract (legal consultation contract) between you and me.

(7) I cannot answer the following cases.
[a] the case against public policy and/or professional responsibility
[b]the case that I cannot read your e-mail
[c] the case that you do not fulfill the reqested information (anonymous question is not acceptable) [you have to use the following form and fulfill all the information.]
[d] the case that your question is not a legal consultation (e.g. academic questions, mischief)
[e] the case that is conflict against me, my law firm, and/or the clients of me and/or my law firm
[f] the case that is beyond my ability

(8) I will answer your question by e-mail

(9) I try to answer your question within two (2) weeks. If three (3) weeks pass, it means that I decide not to answer your question, or I cannot read your question because of some technical problems.

(10) Please agree to the "Privacy policy"

Attorney-at-law, admitted in Japan, New York State (United States)

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