Let me introduce myself!!

1. Basic Personal Information
NAMEFUJIMOTO, Ichiro (藤本一郎)
ProfessionAttorney-At-Law (Admitted in Japan and in New York)
AddressPermanent address: Kyoto, Japan;
Temporary address: Shanghai, China.
2. Academic and Professional Carrier
2007 Began to work in Shanghai ZhaochenHuiya law firm, China, as visiting attorney.
Studied Chinese in Beijing Language and Culture University.
Passed the California Bar Exam.
Admitted as Attorney-At-Law in New York.
2006Began to work in Squire Sandars & Dempsey LLP, Los Angeles Office, as visiting attorney (Until June 30, 2007)
Passed New York Bar Exam
Graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, LL.M. (Master of Law)
2002Entered The Information Network Law Association, Japan
2001Began to work in Yodoyabashi & Yamagami, Legal Professional Corporation, both in Osaka office and in Tokyo office, as associate
Admitted as Attorney-At-Law in Japan (Osaka Bar Association, effective not only in Osaka but also in all the other prefectures in Japan)
Completed the training in The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan, Saitama, Japan (Non-degree but essential to be admitted to the bar in Japan)
2000Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, LL.B. (Bachelor of Law)
1999Passed Japanese National Bar Exam
1994Graduated from Yasufuruichi High School, Hiroshima, Japan.
1991Graduated from Miiri Junior High School, Hiroshima, Japan
1988Graduated from Miiri Higashi Elementary School, Hiroshima, Japan
1975Born in Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan
3. Projects handled as attorney
Bankruptcy Law
Represented clients (covering listed companies, including debtors and creditors) in restructuring under Civil Rehabilitation Law and the trustee of a listed company under Corporate Reorganization Law (like Chapter 11 in US bankruptcy law). When represented debtors (experienced 6 cases), negotiated with creditors, fresh lenders, the sponsor, employees, and the bankruptcy court, drafted various documents and made plans to creditors’ committee.
Corporate Law
Assisted several M&A negotiations. Experienced in M&A cases in which Reorganization Law covering both Civil Rehabilitation Law and Corporate Reorganization Law was applied to the merged or acquired companies.
Represented several companies on lawsuits concerning shareholders’ meeting.
Intellectual Property Law
Represented and counseled clients on Patent Law, Unfair Competition Law, Trademark Law and Copyright. In one of the latest big lawsuits, represented a company with Mr. Kazunori Yamagami, specialist in Intellectual Property, and filed a lawsuit for about 1 billion yen (10 million US Dollars) because the defendant had infringed my client’s patent.
Cyber Law
Represented several lawsuits and advised clients on many cases concerning Privacy, Defamation, Domain Name, and E-commerce on the Internet.
Conducted practices on Personal Information Protection Act, which will be fully effective in April 2005. Some of my work involved making plans for clients to comply with this Act: arranging ledgers, revising internal regulations including various contracts and rules of employment, and established internal framework to protect information.
Pro bono
Acted as a criminal court-appointed lawyer twelve times since enrolling in the bar.
99.9% of the cases are in fact found guilty in Japanese criminal court, but won the innocent decision by the judge when defended a case about a traffic accident in 2004.
Have been acting as a member of the committee that supports prospective lawyers and law school in Osaka Bar Association. Have been working with Japanese Law Schools in order to plan programs for training law school students in “Externship” or other legal practice trainings outside of Law School.

4. Publication
  1. "The procedure to pay the claims that are not the subject of the Agreement" and "The procedure to pay the small claims", Akio Shinomiya et al. eds., Q&A Reformed Special Liquidation Act in 2005, Economic Legal Research Institute, March 2006.
  2. "Petition for Extinction of Security Interest," Akio Shinomiya et al. eds., Practice and Form of Corporate Reorganization Law, Civil Law Research Institute, March 2004.
  3. "Research of the Proof of Claim in the Bankruptcy Proceedings," Akio Shinomiya et al. eds., Practice of New Bankruptcy Law, Economic Legal Research Institute, June 2004.

5. Personal characters and hobbies
  1. Diligent and Zealous for any matters.
  2. Have advantage of mathmatics, so that can understand economic and technical matters well.
  3. Frank and candid.
  1. Playing piano.
  2. Travel both in Japan and out of Japan.
  3. Taking pictures.
  4. Talking with others.

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